Pascal Gomis, known as Zokiz Les Yeux bandés

Hello Zokiz – Can you introduce yourself in a few words? 
My name is Pascal Gomis, known as Zokiz Les Yeux bandés (artist name, engl. Zokiz the blindfolded eyes). I have been dancing Kiz for 5 years, taxi dancer in the dance team « Kiztrotteur“ since 3 years now. I participated in the first competition of « Olympiads of Kizomba“, which was a very good experience. Other than that, I am teacher of Kizomba and UrbanKiz since 2 years.

Could you please describe the concept of dancing with « Les Yeux Bandés » (blindfolded)? 
The connection, the feeling, the unconditional trust and letting you entirely fall. It means to be able to make this work for the leader and follower, you need to go and push yourself far and even further to be able to dance with blindfolded eyes. Women are enthusiastic about this concept as they see the opportunity that it helps the partner to be more attentive and to actually listen carefully. It helps men to be more attentive towards their partner, the woman. Men dance for them but they need to dance with and in relation to them. Listening to your partner means several things: being able to know what support she needs, so that you don’t force her, being able to know if she is comfortable with what you propose to her. It means being a gentlemen. It also means being able to see whether it is necessary to meet her on a lower dance level when you feel that she is not on the same as you. It means to be able to know which key to use for adapting your dance whatever the level of your dance partner may be. The objective is to be able to feel if her body is in tension, if she has a good balance or not. Can you or can you not let her expressing herself according to her ease? Learning being as attentive means that you will know how long to wait until she finishes her movement before continuing. If you can actually succeed in teaching men accentuate this approach, they will understand that dancing is about dancing in relation to your dance partner and not in relation to yourself. This is really the most relevant point and that the woman is not the only one who needs to listen. But this notion is absent from everything I read when it comes to dancing „blindfolded“.

Do you have a dance partner? Tell us a bit how it looks like when training and practice dance blindfolded with you?
I had a partner for 2 years. However, now I prefer to work alone and share this experience with several people. I do not really do trainings. Under normal circumstances, I gave I Kizomba classes every Monday in Evreux. But I live by the motto ‚The more I dance, the more I evolve‘.

What is your best memory of a dance night out or in general?
The Dolce Festival.

And the worst? 

Tell us your thoughts on the French Kizomba scene compared to the other countries you have travelled to? 
I think France is one of the best countries to dance Kizomba.

What advice would you give a person who would like to become an artist and teacher?
You need patience. Like everything in life, everything takes its time. So, take your time and don’t rush.

We are aware of this job being an ambitious and demanding one. There are a lot of people who have committed themselves, but just few individuals who succeed. In your opinion, what are the 3 qualities that allowed you to succeed in the area of dance? 

  1. Kizomba means sharing
  2. Being open-minded and social and being taxi dancer
  3. The concept of „Les Yeux Bandes“.

A few words about your upcoming projects? 
Well, my only plan is to enjoy this hobby. I love Kizomba.
Otherwise, for more information about me:

Find me on
Facebook: Pascal Gomis
Instagram: zokis_les_yeux_bandes
SoundCloud: Pascal Gomis

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