Meet Daniel Schauenburg – UrbanKiz and Kizomba Fusion Artist of the New Generation

Can you introduce yourself in a few words and tell us when and where you have discovered dance in general and in particular?
: Im Daniel Schauenburg, from the new generation of Urban Kiz/Kizomba Fusion Artists, based in Freiburg in Germany. I have pursued my dream so that I work as full time dance teacher since 2016.
My dance journey started already 10 years ago, in a super small city in the south of Germany, named Überlingen, where per coincidence I discovered Salsa. Since then, I got very fascinated by that ambience and really fast I developed as good social dancer, going often to Festivals and traveling to other cities. In 2014, I started with Kizomba. Well, I didn’t wanted to try that dance but all my friends convinced me after some time. Once, I discovered the power of connection and the essence of this dance, I could not stop anymore. And now, I live from my passion.

What does dance mean to you?
: Dance for me is everything. It’s my life and the only activity where I can forget everything and emerge into another world full of beauty and creativi-ty.

When did you decide to develop your dancing skills and how did it impact you?
: After my first dance night, 10 years ago I decided, I want to become a re-ally, really good dancer. When I put all my energy together, I saw how much potential was in me, that I could advance very fast.

What brings you the most joy when you are dancing? What feeling do you have?
: Well, the moment when I’m connected with my partner, with the music, and everything happens from alone – that moment when you feel, that you lost the connection to your real life: when space and time doesn’t mean anything anymore. It’s a feeling of trance, being in another world where everything is feeling perfect. This is how I would describe.

How did you become a teacher and what do you love about organizing a workshop?
: After one year of dancing Kizomba I started to teach in a very small groups in the dance school Salsa Con Pasión in Freiburg. If I look back, I would say, it was my vision who made me go forward. Always when I was on one level, I was dreaming already very big how I would be at the next level. In that way, I became more and more popular and I advanced as a dance teacher. Until I was booked all over Europe for festivals. The dance school Salsa Con Pasion in Freiburg had a really big impact. There, I learned how to teach with the best methodology and going very deep into the details how explain the leading and following in every moment.
Later, I got a teacher training by my mentor Kwenda Lima, who inspired me a lot during his workshops or seminars about group connection, humanity and bringing up the human potential. That was an important point to grow also in my dance teacher career.
About the teaching or in the workshop itself, I love to give. When I feel that people can learn something new in my workshop, to become a better dancer, and also to share a really good energy. For example, while many people who enter the space have been through a stressful time or are in a difficult life situation. And I love to create that space in my workshops whe-re people feel welcomed, an environment with a lot of positivity and where they can forget for a short time their problems in a way that they just enjoy happiness and the essence of dance.

What are you eating to stay energized all day long?
: I grew up very healthy. Inspired by my parents, I eat a lot of fruits and ve-getables, drinking enough water every day. When I’m not traveling, I eat almost 90% organic food and products. Light meals are important for me to stay dynamic as a dancer.

If you had not decided to be a professional dancer, what would you have become?
: Well, I was working in Organic Agriculture Projects before I left everything to become a professional dancer. I think, I would be still there if I didn’t take the decision to follow my dreams. Because that job was what my parents wanted for me.

What would you like to have or become in a near future (next 5 years)?
: Even if dance is the main focus in my daily life, in the next 5 years, I still want to travel the world to teach and inspire people. And of course, also to make a family, maybe in 5 years 😉

What advice would you have for someone wishing to evolve in the dancing scene?
: Being very selective about what kind of school or dance teacher you start dancing through because that will really deeply affect your future as a dancer. Going as well very early to learn from different teachers with diffe-rent styles to be able later to create your own style.
Find a good friend that starts together with you. Thats awesome to not start alone and also to find very early a dance partner where you can develop together faster.

Last but not least, please tell us where we can learn more about you (Facebook, In-stagram, etc.).
Daniel Schauenburg Dance Projects or Daniel Schauenburg
Tik Tok
Daniel Schauenburg

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