Liliana de Lima

Dance instructor and organiser.

What does dance mean to you?

I have been building my whole career on dance and events that include dance. So I would say that dance means everything to my “work life” and career. To my free time and as a hobby it does not mean that much anymore though.

When did you decide to develop your dancing skills and how did it impact you?

Since i was 7 i have danced different things. I cannot imagine not having dance impacting my life. But I would say that since I started focusing more on kizomba and urbankiz (2011) I have been lucky to later have the opportunity to make the dance my fulltime job. That happened around 2016, 5 years after I started training those styles.

What brings you the most joy when you are dancing?

When there is flow, mutual respect and an introvert energy going on. It is not necessarily with the most skilled or most experienced dancers that happens, but the few dancers who know how to protect the energy between you. The last couple of years I have enjoyed flashy showy dances less and the strong but introvert energies more. But like everyone else, I have enjoyed the flashy and more “stressfull” dances when I was not as experienced as I am now. When I get more experience in some years I don’t know how my opinion will be 🙂

How did you become a teacher and what do you love about organizing a workshop?

I have always enjoyed helping people in their journeys. It doesn’t need to be concerning dance. I started to teach as a partner and assistant and at one point I went solo and taught alone and as a leader. That was a big and important turn in my journey and has definitely made me a lot stronger as a teacher. I love to organise the structure in my own classes and find a way to help the students the best way possible. For me it is about seeing the development in my students and feeling their gratitude is probably the best feeling I have experienced concerning dance.

What are you eating to stay energized all day long?

Haha eeeehm… bananas? I don’t like to eat meat so I try to get my energy from fruits and vegetables. But I eat a lot of different things. We are mostly on the run so airport food is unfortunately the normal diet. Which isn’t really good for you I guess…

If you had not decided to be a professional dancer, what would you have become?

Physicist. Astro physics or quantum physics. It is definitely my dream and my hobby as it is now. I gave up on my studies because of dance when I was 24-ish. My dream is to go back and study physics when my body can’t handle the full time dancing anymore.

What would you like to have or become in a near future (next 5 years)? What advice would you have for someone wishing to evolve in the dancing scene?

In 5 years I hope to be travelling less and having more going on organising wise. Advise for people who want to evolve in the dance scene? First of all, stop inventing excuses, stop talking negatively about others, stop paying attention to angry peoples opinions and stop thinking you are the best. Be humble, analyse yourself and find your flaws so you can work on them and improve yourself. Understand that everything is a business and don’t take anything personal. Get to work, promote yourself and keep improving youself and treat others with respect. It takes a strong person to be a public figure, so I think changing your mentality is one of the most important things.

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