Jojo & Mickaela Urban Kiz Dance

This is an amazing demo by Jojo & Mickaela – Powerful kizomba indeed!

This was my second time attending to Jojo & Mickaela’s workshops.

And this kizomba tricks & lifts class was actually the last workshop lasting from 20.30-21.30 in the evening!

Only the strongest survived!!! But for me this was the most epic class from all – Jojo & Mickaela were spilling the secrets behind their tricks & lifts… oh… it was just amazing…

Not to make you completely jealous… but yeah…

Oh and this is in my mind the MOST POWERFUL dance performance done by Jojo & Mickaela yet! When I thought that this couple couldn’t get any better – they do it again…!

You cannot not be inspired to dance kizomba when you see this BEAUTY!

It’s hard not to fall in love with this couple.

They are both so full with energy, so humble, so helpful – it’s unbelievable.

Jojo & Mickaela are really famous because of their perfect tricks, they make them look so easy.

It’s a sign of mastery – whenever you see complicated tricks that look effortless – you know that these dancers have eaten sand (worked very hard) to get to the level they are.

What I loved the most about the class was how they kept them challenging:

– Jojo insisted that every little detail, movement should be led, so girl doesnt have a choice or questions in her head – “What I must do now? What does he want for me to do?”

Made me rethink my leading a lot.

– He motivated us to take the accents and listen to the music. Cool moves are only cool if done with good musicality.

– They were very open to questions and explained everything.. I got to try one move with Mickaela and Jojo danced with my partner to show how it should feel and how it’s done!

You cannot not love these guys.. seriously!

And their dancing is so amazing..!

I keep thinking I should stay at home more to just practice moves on my own. But man, you cannot imagine the waves of inspiration you get when you see world-class dancers like Jojo & Mickaela dancing live!!!


Festival Details:

Event: Brussels Kizomba Congress 2017 –…



Jonathan Mahoto (Jojo #letsplaykizomba) Artist Page:…
Mickaela Jalkteg artist page –…

Jonathan & Mickaela personal FB profiles:…


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