Donovan, founder of ‘A Silq Moment’

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?
Hey, what’s good?! The name is Donovan « Silq » Davis and I’m an artist, designer, and dance educator, as well as , founder of ‘A Silq Moment’ , the branded artistry of my world. I began dancing at the age of 7 and from there that’s when my purpose in life began to grow. Now with 15 years of experience, I continue to grow and travel through dance. Sharing my passion and enjoying life with others creates the essence of living life to the fullest. My motto is my name « S.I.L.Q » Supply, Lifetime, Influential, Quality

What does dance mean to you?
For me, dance is a tool of communication, a way to express ones feelings. When I dance im creating in world that i’ve made. It’s a form of meditation. Dance is a way of life!

When did you decide to develop your dancing skills and how did it impact you?
I decided to develop my dancing skills more concretely at the age of 10 and that year changed my life because it was then i knew that my gift was the art of dance

What brings you the most joy when you are dancing?
The ability to be creative and connect with different elements of dance itself

How did you become a teacher and what do you love about organizing a workshop?
It was something that i was naturally gravitated towards doing.I first began teaching kids hiphop & popping then later expanded to different age groups of people in social dance.

What are you eating to stay energized all day long?
When I’m not eating tacos, lol I tend to eat alot of high protein and high carb meals along with fruit throughout the day

If you had not decided to be a professional dancer, what would you have become?
I would have become a Physical Therapist or a Teacher

What would you like to have or become in a near future (next 5 years)? What advice would you have for someone wishing to evolve in the dancing scene?
The next five years I plan to take my artistic career to a whole new level with exploring different paths in my craft and creating an impact through « A Silq Moment » My advice for someone wishing to evolve in the dance scene is to keep pushing forward and train yourself to become the best version of YOU

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